Syberia – Vùng đất băng giá

As for the gameplay, Syberia is rather like the Voralberg family’s toys–something of a pleasant holdover from a bygone age. Syberia, like most recent adventure games, is essentially an interactive picture book in which you need to solve puzzles or dilemmas before turning to the next chapter. The game offers a casual pace that will, depending on your disposition, either put you off or offer a bit of gaming that’s relaxing yet extremely engaging. There are already plenty of games that require you to constantly run, shoot, fly, drive, or otherwise interact incessantly. It’s nice to be able to stop and smell the virtual roses once in a while.

For all that it does well, Syberia does include some of the potentially annoying elements that have come, for better or worse, to define the adventure genre. The first time Kate explores an area, it’s a welcome thing to watch her slowly meander down a street, as it gives you time to savor the scene. At times, particularly in the somewhat tedious second act of the game, you’ll have to make her walk through the same areas numerous times, which can grow old in a hurry. (Kate’s surname, “Walker,” is certainly apropos.)

On the other hand, Syberia sometimes displays a wry sense of humor about adventure-game clichés. You’ll come upon a massive hedgerow maze stretching off into the distance, a sight sure to make you want to reach for the “quit” button to avoid having to struggle through such a potentially tiresome task. But you quickly learn that most of the maze is gated shut, and the object that you need there is very easily found.

However, you’ll sometimes need to look really closely at your surroundings if you want to find necessary objects and clues. Considering Syberia’s visual beauty, that’s not a completely terrible thing, and the game generally doesn’t require nearly the level of pixel hunting you find in lesser adventure games.

The challenges you’ll face tend to revolve around simple and logical object manipulation or interactions with other characters. Early in the game, for instance, you’ll need to figure out how to work a sort of automaton doorman. Fiddling with its mechanical levers gives you the impression that this device is supposed to look at whatever you put in its hand. This suggests a calling card or a certain document in Kate’s possession that might do just as well.

Other challenges you’ll need to overcome before progressing to new areas simply involve some gaming common sense. When you first spot new characters, for instance, you should talk with them for clues or assistance. If you get some important news about Kate’s assignment early on, call her boss back in New York using her cell phone. It’s all fairly straightforward stuff, and the puzzles don’t tend to be too tough overall. Rather, they offer just enough challenge keep you interested.

Magnificent architecture abounds.

Most importantly, Syberia’s puzzles generally seem plausible, at least in the context of the game’s dreamlike gameworld. They often shed light on its characters or the workings of the Voralberg toys, instead of just offering the totally arbitrary or silly challenges found in some adventure games. Just as importantly, the order and manner in which you complete many puzzles sometimes makes the game seem rather less linear than it actually is. It’s certainly nice to feel like you’re exploring a world rather than being led through it on a leash.

And what a world it is. Visually, Syberia is always engaging and often enchanting, with many backdrops and cutscenes that demonstrate nothing less than sheer artistry. Syberia is one of those rare games that moves beyond entertainment and begins to encroach upon the realm of fine art. That’s not to say it’s burdened by the stuffy atmosphere of some hushed museum (though part of the game actually plays out in a museumlike university). Rather, Syberia’s world is captivating to look at and explore, with a unique and unforgettable visual style. Around every corner, there’s a gorgeous scene to relish or an almost otherworldly flight of fancy offered by the animated Voralberg toys and automatons.

Indeed, it’s the game’s unique ambience that truly sets it apart. Valadilene and the Voralberg factory, for instance, seem like remnants of a nearly forgotten era, a little world where time stopped around the turn of the 20th century. A towering wrought-iron and glass railway station, for instance, calls to mind the proud stations of the Victorian era in Britain, while the Voralberg factory is a wonderland of fanciful industrial-age machinery driven by steam and gears. Outdoors, you’re treated to equally beautiful scenes of high mountain trails with crystal-clear icy waters and stone bridges arching over small canals. All these scenes are further invigorated by just the right amount of background animation, like soaring birds, as well as simple but effective sound effects and an evocative musical score with themes that suit the locales.

Syberia’s beautiful and wonderfully imaginative world alone is enough to make the game worth your while, but when you also factor in the game’s moving story, memorable characters, and enjoyable puzzles, you get a superb gaming experience. Syberia proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the adventure game genre is still full of life.


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ForMeJ (Tổng hợp)

Cấu hình:

* Processor: Pentium III 350 MHz
* 16X CD-ROM drive
* 64 MB RAM
* 3D video card compatible Direct X8.1, 16 MB
* Sound card 100% compatible Direct X 7
* 400 MB available on hard disk


Bản đầy đủ – Full

Mediafire Link

CD 1:

Syberia [Disc1of2].mds

Syberia [Disc1of2].mdf.001

Syberia [Disc1of2].mdf.002

Syberia [Disc1of2].mdf.003

Syberia [Disc1of2].mdf.004

Syberia [Disc1of2].mdf.005

Như ở trên bạn thấy có hai file, một đuôi MDS, hai là MDF (file này được nối từ các file dạng 00x). Hãy để hai file này cùng một nơi, đặt cùng tên, sau đó dùng phần mềm đọc đĩa ảo để tiến hành cài đặt.

Mã MD5

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CD 2:

Syberia [Disc2of2].mds

Syberia [Disc2of2].mdf.001

Syberia [Disc2of2].mdf.002

Syberia [Disc2of2].mdf.003

Syberia [Disc2of2].mdf.004

Như ở trên bạn thấy có hai file, một đuôi MDS, hai là MDF (file này được nối từ các file dạng 00x). Hãy để hai file này cùng một nơi, đặt cùng tên, sau đó dùng phần mềm đọc đĩa ảo để tiến hành cài đặt.

Mã MD5

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Syberia – Update v1.0.0.8 Patch 3.exe

Game Fixed

EXE Fixed:

Syberia v1.0.0.8 [ENGLISH] No-CD Fixed [EXE] [-].zip

Chú ý:

– Tất cả các link tải game được giới thiệu trong trang Web đều thuộc dạng Full. Nghĩa là những game này bạn có thể chơi thoải mái, không lo bị hạn chế.

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– Hãy đọc File hướng dẫn kèm theo.

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