Tournament Hero

Tournament Hero allows the player to select one of many stories to play. The stories vary in length, content, and style. You may find yourself as an alchemist who needs to grow a specific reagent, or a war hero who leads great armies into battle. The variety of play and non-linear story are what make this game great. In addition, there are three unique battle systems, an interactive town complete with council members, dynamic citizens, seasonal change and much more. The game has a steep learning curve, therefore a graphic user guide has been created and is available online (it will be available as a PDF soon).

Features Include:
– A complete Players Guide
– Over 200 custom pictures and graphics
– 3 Unique Battle Systems
– Tactical Skill battles
– Epic Army battles
– Modified DBS battles
– A completely interactive town
– Vote for your town council members
– Or run for office yourself!
– Support the campaigns of 3 parties
– Decide the town budget and laws
– Join the Military and defend the town
– Spy on enemy forces and launch attacks
– Interactive with the citizens!
– Unique relationship system
– Gain friends and enemies
– Give gifts, tell stories, or just talk
– Make the decisions in each conversation
– More than 6 stories to play, each with its own unique goals, background, and more.
– A complete farming system
– Grow 6 reagents or just vegetables
– Sell or use your reagents
– Create powerful spells with the Alchemy system!
– Upgrade your house or live in an apartment
– Find pets to live at your home
– Hire mercenaries for protection
– Develop new skills and compete in the underground fight club or the Great Tournament!

And a lot more. Tournament Hero is a game of endless features. The players guide is a huge help when using them to your advantage. Each story focuses on different portions of the features, but there is also the ability to play a simulation game which puts you in sandbox mode to try anything and everything out!

Cấu hình:
– ??? Rất nhẹ
– File Size: 49.88 MB

– Game + Đăng kí: Link Download 1

Chú ý:

– Tất cả các link tải game được giới thiệu trong trang Web đều thuộc dạng Full. Nghĩa là những game này bạn có thể chơi thoải mái, không lo bị hạn chế.

– Các link Download đều đã được kiểm tra trước khi giới thiệu. Nhưng có thể một số khi tải về sẽ bị báo là Malware – Phần mềm gây hại. Đừng lo chúng đều là các Malware lành – không hề gây hại cho máy tính.

– Hãy đọc File hướng dẫn kèm theo.


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