Laxius Force

Tragedies bring heartache and fatigue. None know this better than Random, a young swordsman, and Sarah, his adored Elven girlfriend. They witnessed destruction, pain and the terrifying wrath of Demons. They fought heroically and, finally victorious, they retreated.

Now they are living far from civilisation, filling their days with peace and love….but memories do not disappear.

One morning Sarah suggests a journey back to the places of the past, to return to where they once knew and to see how the world has fared in their absence. Little do they know how their timing ties to the plans of an evil force, a foe of the past growing stronger and reaching ever closer to his twisted goal.

A shift is once again about to occur, dangers are arising with hostility and fear taking hold of minds and hearts across the land. How will the adventurers react to the loss of their peace and the renewed fight that lies ahead.

A unique journey of danger, friendship, meetings and painful losses is once again about to begin.

Never has a console-type RPG been so huge. This is an epic game of unique characters set in a detailed world full of stories, quests, monsters and adventure.

With 80 hours of playtime, 17 playable characters, 100+ quests and tons of secrets and items you get great value for money in this fantastic game.

Cấu hình:
– OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
– CPU: P3 1.0 Ghz
– RAM: 256 MB
– File Size: 64.26 MB

– Game + Đăng kí: Link Download 1

Chú ý:

– Tất cả các link tải game được giới thiệu trong trang Web đều thuộc dạng Full. Nghĩa là những game này bạn có thể chơi thoải mái, không lo bị hạn chế.

– Các link Download đều đã được kiểm tra trước khi giới thiệu. Nhưng có thể một số khi tải về sẽ bị báo là Malware – Phần mềm gây hại. Đừng lo chúng đều là các Malware lành – không hề gây hại cho máy tính.

– Hãy đọc File hướng dẫn kèm theo.


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